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Frequently Asked Questions

How much do you charge?
Our affordable, flexible fee schedule ensures that you receive (and pay for) only the services you actually need. You can also manage your costs effectively through “unbundled legal services” (also called “limited scope representation”), utilizing the services of an attorney for advice and strategy, and hiring a legal document assistant (LDA) to carry out your legal tasks. Click here for more information about unbundled services (will open a new window).

I need your help. How do I get started?
Once you’ve decided to handle your own legal matter with Red Sky Legal’s assistance, we will have you sign a contract and, for most services, complete a questionnaire. We use the Legal Document Assistant (LDA) contract required under California law, which was written by the Department of Consumer Affairs, and is for your protection. The questionnaire is specific to the type of document or service you are requesting, and contains a series of questions that will enable us to accurately and completely prepare your legal document. You will receive a draft of your completed legal document, and our fees include up to two revisions at no additional charge.

We encourage all new clients to thoroughly review the LDA Client’s Bill of Rights and the Legal Document Assistant Code of Ethics and Professional Responsibility before beginning any relationship with a professional legal document preparer.

Can you help me file and serve my papers?
Yes! Our attorney service can economically file and serve documents anywhere in California. For rush documents, fax filing is available for an additional fee. Courier services and digital document management are also offered.

What is the difference between the documents I get from you and those prepared by an attorney?
The short answer is: Nothing! Red Sky Legal utilizes the latest legal technology, including the same software packages used in most law firms.

Now for the longer answer: When you retain the services of an LDA, you are essentially acting as your own attorney. We cannot draft legal arguments for you or give you specific legal advice. Please visit our Legal Resources page for links to free online legal reference materials. If you still have questions, you should visit your local law library or consult with a licensed attorney.

What is a Legal Document Assistant (LDA)?
A Legal Document Assistant, or LDA, is an experienced professional who is authorized under California law to prepare legal documents for consumers. An LDA is not an attorney and cannot provide legal advice or represent a client in court. The Legal Document Assistant fills a critical role in our judicial system, enabling individuals to represent themselves in their own legal matters, with the help of a qualified professional legal document preparer to ensure their papers are properly prepared, filed and served.

LDAs are required by law to be registered and file a bond of $25,000 in the county where they have their principal place of business. Red Sky Legal is bonded and registered in San Diego County.

What is the difference between a Paralegal and an LDA?
Legal Document Assistants are sometimes incorrectly referred to as “Independent Paralegals.” California law restricts the term “Paralegal” to those who are employed by an attorney. Paralegal services may only be provided to a licensed attorney who directs the work and compensates the paralegal; and it is illegal for a paralegal to advertise to the general public, or to provide services and accept compensation from anyone who is not a lawyer. A registered and bonded LDA is specifically authorized to provide legal information and document preparation services to a consumer who is representing himself or herself in a legal matter.

Unlike LDAs, paralegals are not required to be registered or licensed by any governmental authority, and do not post a bond for the consumer’s protection (because they are not permitted to work for consumers). Many LDAs have a paralegal background, and some, like us, provide paralegal services to attorneys while also providing LDA services directly to members of the public. While LDAs are not required to participate in continuing legal education, state law mandates that all paralegals maintain a minimum number of continuing education credits in both general law and ethics. Red Sky Legal’s professionals maintain compliance with all laws pertaining to both the LDA and paralegal professions.

For more information, please see California Business & Professions Code 6400 and 6450, or visit the Alliance of Legal Document Assistant Professionals (will open a new window).

Can an LDA or Paralegal tell me how to proceed with my case?
LDAs are prohibited from suggesting a course of action based on the facts of the client’s specific situation, which would be the unauthorized practice of law (UPL).

Paralegals are not permitted to provide any services or offer any advice to members of the public. Paralegal services may only be provided under contract with a licensed attorney.

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